Meeting August 10

Just a reminder that the next guild meeting is this coming Wednesday at 6:30. Doors will open for set up and socializing at 5:30.

Things to bring include:
Bowl and spoon for ice cream (if you want to be green)
Mug for beverage
Show and Tell
Membership Registration Form
Row Robin
Orphan Block of the Month
Hopefully the weather will be cooler than it was in July.

Heart blocks

Let the rainbow hearts flow from our hearts to the families!
We will be making a whole quilt (or more) depending on how many blocks we get.
Bring your finished blocks to the July meeting. The work day to assemble the quilt(s) may be Sunday July 17 in the Mayer room at the Howe library. That may change, stay tuned.
The block sizes are 
3.5″, 6.5″, 9.5″, 12.5″ edge to edge unfinished
Please make sure your blocks are this size!!!
If you want detailed instructions for heart blocks:
Use assorted fabrics in rainbow colors. We want bright & happy, no red hearts, no white
Rainbow stripe blocks are good as well as heart blocks
If you want to do a different block just be sure the size is the same, so we end up with 3×3, 6×6, 9×9 and 12×12 after the quilt is sewn together
The Orlando MQG is asking for quilts larger than 48 x 60 but no larger than twin — one for each survivor, and one for the families of each victim who perished. Any quilts that surpass that number will be given to first responders, and then distributed to the LGBT community in Orlando via organizations like The Center and Zebra Coalition.
Full information available at:
Niña & Sarah
for NLQG Community Service

June Meeting!

Hello all you quilters,

This coming Wednesday we will be having the Annual Meeting for the Northern Lights Quilt Guild. This is the meeting where we vote for the new officers and next year’s budget. You have details in the newsletter. Because we need to be sure we have a quorum, the Membership Committee will be checking members off their list as you arrive.
5 pm – The doors will open for set up and socialization.
6pm – Potluck begins. Please remember your dish to share, serving utensils, list of ingredients or recipe, and your own place setting. If you want a cold beverage please bring that too.
7 pm – Annual Meeting.
7:30 – 8:30 Program “Reminiscing our first 34 years” facilitated by Guild Historian, Mary Hardy and Jane Buskey. We hope you will bring your memories and perhaps an early and current example of your quilt work. We hope to have group participation.
8:30 Show and Tell (if you didn’t already show it during the program).
9:00 Meeting room closed, everyone headed home.

Jane Buskey

Row Robin!

We will be doing a Row Robin this year in the guild. It will last 6 months and every month you will have to add a row to the quilt your group of six are working on. You do the first row of your quilt to set the theme of your quilt. You may specify fabrics, send the background with your quilt, a focus fabric for folks to match or all of the above. A different technique will be assigned each month by me and you will get the list of techniques and members of your group at the June meeting. 
If you are interested in being a part of this please e-mail me at [email protected]
If you have a special person you wish to be in a group with or a special fabric you want to work with please let me know that as well. 
I think this will be a fun project and we should have a great show and tell in December!! Marsha

Executive Board meeting

There will be an NLQG Executive Board Meeting Monday, May 16, 2016 at 6 p.m. in Room 004 Kemney Hall at Dartmouth. The main order of business will be finalizing the proposed budget for 2017. All interested guild members are welcome.


The Executive Board

May Meeting Agenda


Another month is here and it is time to start thinking about the May guild meeting.
Doors will be open at 5:30 for an hour of socializing and set up for the meeting.
6:30 Welcome guests and members.
Business meeting
Officer Reports
Committee Reports
Discussion of Budget for next year
Additional announcements
Program: Jenn Fullerton “Quilting Through and With the Internet”
Show and Tell
Hope you are ready with your bag packed with a mug, block of the month, things to return or share.

Agenda for 2/10/2016


Hope those who are still in the area are getting ready for our February NLQG meeting.
5:30 Doors will open for set up and socializing
6:30 Business meeting begins
7:00 Program – Janet Elia Trunk Show “Slow Quilting”
8:00 Break
8:25 Drawings
8:30 Show and Tell
9:00 Complete take down
Remember to bring items for the food shelf donation, your mug, block of the month, items for community service, guild library books, show and tell to share.
See you Wednesday,

June 10th Meeting

5:00 PM    –     Doors Open

6:00 PM    –     Welcome Guests and New Members

6:10 PM    –     Annual NLQG Pot Luck

Please bring a dish to feed 4-5 people along with a list of ingredients (for food allergy reasons) to share with your fellow members.  As always, guests are welcome to attend.  Please also bring a place setting with a plate, silverware, and cup.

7:15 PM    –     Annual NLQG Meeting

This is an important time for the quilt guild.  Your time and participation are highly encouraged.  We will be discussing and voting on the election of new officers, the annual budget, and committee appointments.  Please review the budget as it was printed in the attached newsletter so that we are prepared to discuss and vote on it.  In order to constitute a quorum (meaning any vote we take tomorrow night will be valid) a minimum of 30% of the membership must be in attendance.  At the time of the printing of the 2013-2014 directory we had 115 members, meaning that for any vote to be considered valid and in accordance with our bylaws a minimum of 34 members will need to be at tomorrow night’s meeting.

We will also have:

  • reports from officers and committees
  • announcements
  • Block of the Month & Name Tag Drawing
  • Show and Tell

Remember, we need to put away all tables and chairs before we leave at 9:00 PM.

Please bring:

  • Name tag
  • Place Setting and food to share!
  • Show & Tell items
  • A Big Smile!

See you tomorrow!