June 13th meeting

June – Program(s) – 2018 Challenge and Annual Spring Potluck, 6 pm, at the Lebanon Methodist Church in Lebanon, NH

2018 Challenge –

Come and join us for our annual unveiling of the 2018 Challenge Quilts rescheduled from March meeting! This year’s challenge involved members selecting two game cards, each card featuring one shape and one color. The challenge was to include at least one representation of each of the two color-shape combinations somewhere in the quilt. It’s always amazing to share in our member’s vision and creativity, as well as appreciate the great talent our members are gifted with.

Annual Spring Potluck –

It’s our annual and totally yummy annual potluck and meeting. In some ways, this is our most important meeting of the year, the time when we elect new officers, fill committees, and vote on our annual budget.

NLQG has quorum requirements so the more the merrier. Besides, where else could you possibly eat such amazing food? Please bring your favorite main dish or dessert to share along with a card identifying the ingredients.