March 15 – National Quilting Day!

What are your plans for the day? Will you be stitching away?

Here are some other ideas for fun, quilt related activities.

Please share in the comments what your plans are! I will be at the HomeLife Expo with the Upper Valley MakerSpace booth for most of the weekend… come say hello!

7 thoughts on “March 15 – National Quilting Day!”

  1. Today is a great day for the studio. The light is bouncing off the walls and there is MUCH to do. Work has a way of getting IN the way of creative play!

  2. I plan to spend National Q Day sewing on quilts for the Parkinson’s Comfort Project. The best size for these projects is 36 inches x 60 inches or 48 inches square, something that’s big enough to give warmth without being too heavy.

  3. Appreciate the work that goes into making the new site, so viable. Keep up the good work, reading everything and enjoying it all!

  4. I will be hard at work at Designer Gold, alas. . . . I would prefer to be in my sewing room stitching away. Maybe on Sunday afternoon after a cross country ski at the Strafford Nordic Center.

    Thank you, Michelle, for keeping this blog going — and for building and maintaining this site. It’s quite an accomplishment!

  5. I’m machine quilting two small projects that have been sitting there, mocking me, for far too long!

    Michelle, you’ve done an amazing job with this site.
    Thank you!!!

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