NLQG UFO Challenge 2015

This is the year!!

Let’s pull out a few of those UFO and get committed to a finish! 2015 has been proclaimed the year of finishing those dreadful, haunting UFO that we all have hiding away.  Here’s a challenge with a few little twist and some great prizes for motivation!   It’s going to cost you, but I want you to be COMMITTED!  No idle promises of someday pulling out that nagging unfinished quilt top.  Give me $2, a fat quarter and a photo and it’s…..

GAME ON!!!!!

Here’s the guidelines….

1. Complete one UFO Challenge Entry Form per project. A photo of the project must accompany the entry form.

2. A completed form along with $2 and one fat quarter must be submitted with every UFO. To be eligible for the challenge, entries must be submitted by the end of the December 2014 meeting.  

3. You may complete up to six forms but we will collect only a maximum of $10 and five fat quarters.  It’s like getting a freebie!!! 

4. Each Entry Form must be accompanied by a photo of the UFO. 

5. If your project is going to be hand quilted, it may be either in the process of being quilting when you enter it or it can be a completed top that you plan to hand quilt.  

6. If you have several items that only need binding, two of these projects can count as one item.  

7. An “almost” finished top will need at least two additional borders to qualify as a UFO.  

8. You may not substitute UFOs. Once a form is submitted, you will be challenged to finish that project.

9. A completed project means *NO ADDITIONAL WORK* NO EXCEPTIONS.  Labels are not required.

10. Please bring your finished UFOs to our monthly meetings for show and tell as you get them finished. When you do, your name will be entered into a monthly drawing as well as an additional drawing for all of the collected fat quarters at the end of the challenge year in November 2015.  The more UFOs you complete, the more chances of winning!

Need an example or two to get you started?  Here’s a look at mine.







Glamour shot these are not!! Functional – YES!!

I will send all of this information out via the Yahoo group also, and copies of the forms will also be available.

Stay tuned, more info to come.

If you have any questions, just shoot me an email or give me a call, info is in the membership directory.

thanks gals!!

joanne lendaro