Science says that you should look at these links

A quick round-up of a few things I’ve found on the interwebs in the last couple of days:

Solids grown and produced in the U.S.A

And a story about the mills.

Locally, SCORE is offering a class on how to turn your craft into a business.

and a Call For Entry in Newport

and, lastly, a cookie recipe that looks yummy AND super healthy that someone should bake and mail to my kids. oh, i suppose that would be me 🙂

Enjoy your day!


2 thoughts on “Science says that you should look at these links”

  1. Loved all those juicy solid colors! …but did you see all the gorgeous patterns? Some serious inspiration there.

    … and your kids texted me… they want the cookies!

  2. i knew there was something i was supposed to do today… I drew my scissors instead 🙂

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