Want to Make a Lovey??

Instructions/Specs for “Lovies”

Thank you for offering to help make “lovies”, something the Breastfeeding Peer Mentor Program at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth came up with to help moms feel more attached and bonded to their baby or babies while they are in the ICN. We are hoping that the lovies will not only promote bonding between mom and babe, but also help support and promote pumping/breastfeeding while in the ICN.


soft flannel in pastel solids and muted prints (best to choose muted fabrics from a developmental standpoint). JoAnns carries a line of “Snuggle Flannel” that is especially soft. These “lovies” go underneath the baby, so it’s important to have a soft flannel.
Cut 10” squares, one in a solid and one in a print. Sew with a 1/2” or 5/8” seam, right sides together and leave about a 2 or 3” opening on one side. Clip corners and turn inside out. Press well. No need to slipstitch the opening – just use a decorative stitch or zigzag around the edges. Done! 🙂

Our recommendation is that you not use pins as you sew the lovies – the flannel “sticks” together by itself quite well – we don’t want to run the risk of leaving a pin in the lovies by mistake!

Attached is a description that we attach to the lovies to explain them to moms.
Any questions?? Feel free to contact me below and thank you for making LOVIES!!

Joanna F. Celenza
March of Dimes/CHaD ICN Family Support Specialist Phone: (603) 650-6138
Pager: (603) 650-5000, pager #5082 [email protected]